Cyber Forensics

Crimes committed using computers/computer devices such as desktops, laptops, mobile phones or even major insulations on offices, government, industry, factories, etc. where multiple hard-disks for processing a large amount of information exchanged between millions of people using the miniature computer systems in the form of microchips and sensors embedded in servers, pen-drives, mobile phones and host of other devices enabling people to send communications, pictures, texts, videos, audio messages, and conversations connecting the whole world with billions of devices. While a majority of 7 billion people are using these devices for productive purposes, a few million people are using the computer technologies for destructive purposes causing personal loss to the people and property damage to the society across the world by violating the laws of the land for transmitting obscene messages, offensive E-mails, data manipulation, image manipulation, fake messages, hacking, human trafficking, false websites, data theft, video manipulation, speech/voice manipulation and several other offences committed through sending communications in the cyber space.

Such violations caused applying internet or intranet as a source and using any kind of computer device that can send messages with fingers or voices or other motion-based commands from any place to any place through satellite systems across the global networks are known as cybercrimes.

To trace, track and trail behind the criminals, Truth Labs Cyber Forensic & Audio Video division have several technologies in the form of audio authentication/voice identification/speaker identification/video authentication/image authentication/facial recognition/facial reconstruction/fake video analysis/video enhancement/CC TV footage analysis/photographic verification/all record authentication/email analysis or authentication/data theft analysis/intellectual property (IT theft)/message authentication/WhatsApp message authentication/email sender tracing/text message recovery/hard-disk recovery/data back-up/mobile phone data recovery/cloud forensic authentication/illegal data transfer/mobile hacking/identity theft and so on as well as issuing 65B certificate for the primary data contained in the host of devices that are brought to Truth Labs for verification.

The types of cases that can be handled by the Cyber Forensics & Audio Video division include cheating, theft, infidelity, family disputes, business litigation, slow squad theft, unauthorized access, illegal trade, money laundering, blackmailing, harassment, murder, rape, kidnaping, extortion, dating services, digital gambling etc.

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